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Fresh meat: the best new metal bands you can hear this month

Trees Of Eternity, Albez Duz and Kyy are among the best new bands you should be checking out this month

Trees Of Eternity

A musical marriage that transcends tragedy

“From the first note it sank into me and went straight to my soul and through my heart. I had never, ever heard a more beautiful voice than hers.”

Juha Raivio is recalling the first time he heard Aleah Starbridge sing. In 2009, Swallow The Sun’s founding guitarist/songwriter needed a ghostly female voice for a song on the Finnish doom heroes’ fourth album. By chance he heard an acoustic solo demo of Aleah’s and was so enraptured he immediately contacted the Sweden-based, South African-born singer. “She was actually a huge Swallow The Sun fan,” Juha recalls. “She told a friend a month before that she wanted to contact us about a collaboration. Things were very mystical and meant to be.”


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