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Darkthrone's Fenriz: 2016's most surprising metal celebrity?

Both steeped in metal history and one of the Norwegian underground’s most singular bands, Darkthrone are continuing to confound expectations, not least their own

There should be some sort of psychological test, looking at the effect of people talking about themselves all the time. Because that’s what people are asking you to do. I went from being a person that never said no, to being someone who has to say no… The pressure is immense. You just want to stay at home and not leave the house.”

Speaking from the cosy confines of that very home, Fenriz is once again neck-deep in promo hell. While he has sworn never to match his unenviable record of 104 interviews – conducted to promote previous Darkthrone opus The Underground Resistance – he could probably double it if he wanted to, such is the demand to speak to him right now. Not only is he handling discussions of the new album Arctic Thunder alone but to make matters worse he’s currently caught up in a media storm following a surprise – and somewhat reluctant – election as a party representative in his hometown of Kolbotn.

“There’s now this extra media pressure because of the political thing and that’s unfortunate because I’m not wanting to become a celebrity at all,” he sighs. “As a matter of fact, I’m trying to keep a low profile, because I travel by public transport and if you get too well-known then that becomes impossible, as people want to talk to you.”

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