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John Wesley: "There’s heartbreak in my material – I had a lot to work with"

With a title inspired by one of the greatest and most troubled writers of the 20th century, John Wesley’s latest album tells a story of troubled times and lessons learned

‘These were new dead and no one had bothered with anything but their pockets. Our own dead, or what he thought of, still, as our own dead, were surprisingly few, Nick noticed. Their coats had been opened too and their pockets were out, and they showed, by their positions, the manner and the skill of the attack. The hot weather had swollen them all alike regardless of nationality.’

A Way You’ll Never Be – Ernest Hemingway

A Hemingway story that was one of the first pieces of fiction to address combat-related, post-traumatic stress disorder. An album cover that depicts an (apparently) agonised figure engulfed in flames. Before you even get to the music, John Wesley’s latest album already seems a much tougher proposition than the work he’s done previously. Themes of solitude, heartbreak, anger and disappointment ripple through the record, though it’s not without hope and, finally, a little redemption. Which begs the question: where is John Wesley right now?

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