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Fad Gadgets: Bean Bag Guitar Stand, Voxarray keyboard, Beosound wireless speaker

Rhodri Marsden on three of the latest must-have gizmos currently putting the prog in progress…

Voxarray 61

Love Hultén is a Swedish craftsman who creates made-to-order pieces rooted in retro design. The Voxarray 61 looks as if it’s been transported from a 1970s furniture catalogue. It’s made of ash, contains a MIDI keyboard, a piano module, effects and a Sennheiser microphone, and it’s by far the most beautiful instrument I’ve seen this year. Annoyingly, he’s only made one of them. And you can’t buy it. All you can do is look at the picture and wish it was yours.

For more, see Love Hultén's website.


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