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The Six Best New Songs You'll Hear All Week

The cream of the week's new releases featuring Green Day, Volbeat, Bullet For My Valentine and more!

What a week, eh? Here are six songs to drown out the noise and bluster of real life.

Listen, enjoy and share below.

VOLBEAT – Seal The Deal

If boxing’s your thing, you’ll probably like this new video from Denmark’s Volbeat. The action mostly takes place inside the ring but, just like Rocky, there’s a subplot, too, if you really want to pay attention to the drama. Either way, it’s a, ahem, knockout of a song.

GREEN DAY – Still Breathing

One of Green Day’s defining attributes of their lengthy career is Billie Joe Armstrong’s snotty vocals. They’re present here too, but they seem somewhat muted – that is, until the first chorus kicks in and the track soars like only a Green Day song can.

SIXX:AM – Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)

Nikki Sixx's band are holding nothing back on this boisterous, riotous track, taken from the second half of Sixx:AM’s new double record. It’s hard-hitting, powerful stuff, but it does sound a little like James Michael is singing “We’re all librarians.” The title tells us we’re presumably wrong.

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This new track from rising British rockers Fort Hope might start out with a gentle, lilting piano, but it soon explodes into a ferocious crash of guitars and urgent vocals. Yet, as their name suggests, there’s also a sense of defiance here, that we’re all in this together.


The video for this new BFMV song was shot in a church, but don’t fear – there's no creeping around the pulpit and talking in barely audible whispers. The first song to emerge after the release of last year’s Venom album, it’s dark, doomy and glorious.

TRIVIUM – The Storm (demo)

It was 2003 that Trivium released their debut album, Ember To Inferno. That means it must be time to release a deluxe version, which is exactly what they’re doing. The re-release features a collection of demo versions and here's a taster of their metal in its rawest form.

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