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Have you heard of cabbage metal?

Metal written in the form of cabbage. Sort of.

As the name suggests, this is cabbage metal, but not quite what you're thinking. Cabbage isn't just a member of the Brassica oleracea species, it's also a series of notes. Playing C A B G and E in a certain order spells cabbage, and YouTuber Andrew Huang has written a song using that progression – clever, huh?

After seeing the request from a user called iamcreepercarrot, Andrew picked up his guitar, piano and bass to create the very first cabbage metal song – and it's pretty good! Trust us, we've heard worse. And there's nothing like shouting the word "cabbage" at the top of your lungs make you feel alive – it's just like having one of your five a day.


How does someone fancy writing us a song using DEADED? Go on...

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