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Rick Parfitt: "It'll take more than death to kill me"

In our exclusive interview, Rick Parfitt talks about maybe having rocked all over the world with Quo for the last time

On June 14, 2016, following a Status Quo show in Turkey, Rick Parfitt suffered a heart attack and was pronounced clinically dead for several minutes. Back among the living, the singer/guitarist was ordered by doctors to rest “for the remainder of the year at the very least”, ruling out of the band’s final batch of ‘electric’ concerts. Worse still, manager Simon Porter admitted: “Rick may well have performed his last show with Quo, though no final decision will be made until next year”, when the group unplug and become an acoustic band.

In the aftermath of his ordeal, Parfitt told Sky News: “I don’t want to get out on stage and drop dead in front of the fans.” He was left with mild cognitive impairments, for which he’s receiving neuropsychological support. Fans were told that apart from the physical exertion involved, the anxiousness Parfitt feels for full-length concerts, or even just a brief cameo appearance, could be a life-threatening complication.

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