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Metallica: "Not taking criticism personally is hard"

Even for the biggest metal bands, a new album gets its (un?)fair share of flak. James Hetfield talks “fans full of nail-bombs” and why social media is “a dangerous alley to walk down"

The world’s biggest metal band don’t do quiet years, but finally releasing their first studio album in getting on for a decade made 2016 a vitally important 12 months for Metallica.

While Hardwired...To Self-Destruct perhaps didn’t fully satiate the elitists (what would?), it certainly included enough great material to prove that Metallica are far from a spent force, with the tracks such as of Moth Into Flame, Spit Out The Bone and Atlas, Rise! some of the best the band have produced for 20 years.

For frontman James Hetfield it felt little less than euphoric to finally get new music out to the world again. And as we discovered when we flew to New York for a special audience with the band a few weeks back, it’s not something he’s taking lightly.

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