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Buyer's Guide: How to buy the best of Elvis Presley

We choose the best from the hip-swivelling, parent-baiting truck driver who became the undisputed King Of Rock’n’Roll

It’s almost poetic that Hank Williams died in the back of a limousine on January 1, 1953. The country icon was a drug addict, hard drinker, hellraiser and all-round nuisance, but even he might have struggled when he saw the music he loved, pioneered and massively popularised have its throat cut by the emerging sound of delinquent America.

“Before Elvis there was nothing,” said John Lennon, although the man who would be King didn’t actually invent rock’n’roll – Bill Haley & His Comets had already figured out what made the teenagers tick, with their international smash Rock Around The Clock.

The chubby, middle-aged Haley was no teen dream, however. What Elvis brought to the table was sex. The excitement the ridiculously good-looking kid from the Memphis projects generated at his concerts in the 1950s was frighteningly intense, with girls hurling themselves at the stage and leaving behind urine-soaked seats. Overnight this sweet southern kid became public enemy number one. And all because he liked to swivel his hips.

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