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Judge Dredd illustrator Brian Bolland gives us a peek at his record collection

Spurred on by the far-out sounds of the Bonzos, Zappa and Residents, the Judge Dredd and Batman illustrator is lucky to still be in one piece after Swans “broke him"...

As the son of a farmer in Butterwick, Lincolnshire, there was no music in the house where I grew up. In 1967 Radio One started, and the TV show Do Not Adjust Your Set. In 1966 a school friend of mine had said, ‘Watch out for the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, they’ll be big next year,’ and there they were, on DNAYS. I went out and bought Gorilla, which presented lots of styles of music I’d never heard before, and I always like comedy in music. The Bonzos were at the heart of pop, even though they were opposite to the guitar music at the time – they were art, they were Dada. I’m always sad when I meet someone who hasn’t heard them yet.

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From the archive


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