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Dark Moon: 'A gong is a really powerful tool for altering your state'

Dark Moon aren’t just the most enthralling psych rock band to have emerged in recent years: they’re also a restorative answer to uncertain times

I’m on a shamanic training course, actually, out in the Joshua Tree desert.”

Lola Ulalume clarifies her whereabouts, not the in the air-stewardess-on-valium, trailing-off-into-private-reverie tones you might expect of a new age traveller, but brightly and rather matter of factly – as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to do. “It has been quite intense, so I’m ready to move forward, ha ha ha!”

For anyone who’s heard, or about to hear, Dark Moon, the London-based, psych rock band Lola fronts, none of this is going come as a surprise. Not only is ‘moving forward’ their fundamental dynamic, but their singularly assured, far-flung debut album, Lost In Love And Fear, has a rare and captivating quality of marrying the speculative with the immediate, the ethereal and the tactile. Lola’s fearless, reverie-enriched vocals are boosted into heady upper atmospheres by thick, blues-based grooves distilled down to a hypnotically pneumatic chassis. The result, as the title suggests, becomes an immersive journey and a spiritual quest for enlightenment, for a light in dark times. As Lola says, “Even if the music can be ambient and spacey, we all like heavy music as well, so especially at gigs we want to lead people into a drone and a trance, and you need that backbeat to drive it. You need that rhythmic quality to make you let go.”

‘I will never stop running/Long as life keeps coming’Dusty Dreams

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