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Introducing Firefly Burning: Experimental folk rock with an edge

Introducing the avant-garde North London quintet

There are several bands called Firefly, but only one called Firefly Burning. And there is only one that sounds like this north east London quintet. Some have been brave enough to have a go at defining their sound. “Folk chamber pop” is one description hurled their way; “barbershop krautrock” and “neo-classical Javanese Gamelan” are two others. Reference points for their mix of vocal purity (lead singer Bea Hankey is largely responsible for the air-clear tones, although it’s worth noting that they all sing) and instrumental complexity have ranged from Sufjan Stevens to Steve Reich, Fleet Foxes to Gentle Giant. Firefly Burning themselves welcome the delighted befuddlement of onlookers and fans.

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