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Okkultokrati: 'We're still punk rock, but at some point you have to evolve'

Forged in the restless wastes of Oslo’s punk scene, Okkultokrati are taking the battle against stagnation to unexpected and exhilarating new territories

“There’s definitely something about the feel of those early punk rock records that we want to capture. There’s a certain simplicity and a primitive nature; it’s not even about the attitude, it’s the sound of the Ramones, or whoever you care to name from that period. We always want that. But the whole idea of punk music is to take it, and then send it in another direction.”

Sitting in a noisy North London boozer, mere hours before his band play a sold-out show with Trap Them, Okkultokrati drummer Lars draws nods from his bandmates as he contemplates the stylistic positioning of the music he and his friends create.


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