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Steve Davis on prog (and snooker)'s demigods

Snooker and prog aficionado Steve Davis talks about the genre's most genius minds

What have Einstein, Picasso, Mozart and Ronnie O’Sullivan got in common? All are hailed as geniuses within their fields. Mozart doesn’t float my boat, Pablo wasn’t great at noses and as for Einstein? Well, any modular synth user knows that you can get something for relatively nothing! More on The Rocket later. So, bearing in mind ‘one man’s meat…’ , what artists would you personally bestow the word ‘genius’ on? And furthermore, what criteria would you use, other than you’re a fanatic? There could be a temptation to just consider relatively unfashionable artists. Would you put Dylan, The Beatles, Prince, Jackson and Cohen in there, or are they too appealing to the masses for you?

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