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Strange days: Meet SURVIVE, the composers behind the Stranger Things soundtrack

Simultaneously taking the synth into the future and back to the 80s, Texan band S U R V I V E are the composers of the soundtrack for hit Netflix show Stranger Things

Friday afternoon, early November, Niagara Falls. On this cloudy autumn day, in a tour van crammed with people and equipment, DIY Texan synth quartet S U R V I V E have pulled up to view this awe-inspiring landmark, and to get a little respite from a month of touring. Since Netflix’s 80s-themed sci-fi horror show Stranger Things aired in July, featuring a soundtrack composed by two of the four-piece, S U R V I V E’s previously low-key world has turned upside-down. The series went viral. Everyone wants a piece of the band. Downtime like this is rare and cherished. And then Prog calls.

“It’s crazy, we haven’t really be able to slow down and take it in much,” says one-quarter of the group, Adam Jones. He breathes deeply. “It’s off the charts.”

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