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How The Orb became known as 'The Pink Floyd of techno'

Blending their prog rock influences with dance beats and lysergic tones, ‘The Pink Floyd of techno’ is a fitting title for a band with such a grandiose and ambitious body of work

Prog’s enduring relationship with electronica might seem like a matter of historical record, but it’s equally true that a lot of prog fans continue to turn their noses up at the very notion of – whisper it – dance music. Fortunately, for well over two decades, The Orb have been making a nonsense of the idea that the two disciplines are in any way incompatible. From the release of their debut masterpiece The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld in 1991, Alex Paterson’s pioneering ambient crew have been widely praised (and, on occasion, decried) for being ‘The Pink Floyd of techno’. Their mesmerising blend of electronics, dub reggae, lysergic atmospherics, punk subversion and, yes, Floydian grandeur ensure that all those silly barriers between musical genres are rendered meaningless.

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From the archive


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