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Meet Kyros: The band formerly known as Synaesthesia

Line-up changes, label changes and even band name changes: Kyros, formerly known as Synaesthesia, are back in business with their new sci-fi-themed concept album

Since Prog readers voted Synaesthesia as the band to watch in 2014, and following the release of their eponymous debut album, they have undergone quite a transformation. There has been a name change to Kyros, a departure from their record label, a decision to self-manage and a new guitarist to embrace into their sound. Seemingly, the band’s frontman and original leader Adam Warne has been a rather busy chap.

“Yes, it’s been interesting,” he laughs. “Basically, the band is a completely different set-up to how it used to be back then. When we were releasing the first album, it was essentially just me and two other guitarists who I was working with at the time. It was very much a studio project, but it was always my intention to go ahead and turn it into a band because I wanted to perform the music live. At the end of the recordings for the first album, I made it a mission to go ahead and put a band together, and to cut a long story short, the band is now here. I always felt that the name Synaesthesia was heavily tied to that studio project and the direction we were heading in with this album was exploring new ground. There are also quite a few other bands and projects online called Synaesthesia, which made it quite difficult for us, and that had started to get in the way. So, we thought that it felt right to change the name, make a fresh start and treat this as a new beginning.”

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