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Spirit Adrift: Here to heal the world with doom music

'There are ways of dealing with pain' – why Spirit Adrift’s uplifting doom anthems are a sacred gift to lost souls

Doom metal generally deals with matters of loss, finality and desperation, which may be why Arizona crew Spirit Adrift stand out so powerfully from the slow-motion throng. A one-man project initiated by multi-instrumentalist Nate Garrett, the band’s debut album, Chained To Oblivion, seems to exist in its own self-contained musical universe, where the lumbering thud of Sabbath collides with the sublime, harmonised euphoria of Lizzy and Maiden and a near-chewable sense of spiritual euphoria. It’s a record made even more remarkable by the fact that Nate played every instrument, sang lead vocals and produced the whole thing, too.

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