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Does the synthesiser have a role in the future of progressive music?

In an era when synthesisers are more often used to recreate the sound of the past rather than conjuring up an exciting future, we find out whether they still have a role in prog

Mark Shreeve is one of the UK’s most experienced and prolific electronic musicians. He has released 14 albums, including three for the Jive Electro label (erstwhile home of Tangerine Dream): Assassin (1984), Legion (1985) and Crash Head (1988). In 1994 he formed the group Redshift, who have since recorded 15 releases. As a prog fan in the 1970s (his first ever gig was watching Genesis perform in front of 34 people), and a writer and performer for almost as long, he’s well placed to muse on the past, present and future of the music he loves.

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From the archive

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