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The bands that made 2016 a special year for metal

It's been a strange year, but we can still rely on music...

The newcomer

Will Gardner is still stunned by Black Peaks’ incredible rise

his time last year, only the most clued-up music fans were aware of Brighton’s Black Peaks. But 12 months on, they’ve become one of the most promising bands in the country, with a string of high-profile shows to their name. So meteoric has their rise been that even frontman Will Gardner struggles to comprehend what’s happened. “I think most boxes, in terms of life, have been ticked off in one year,” he laughs today. “It’s been exhausting, but the best year that we’ve ever had. It’s nice to be back and have time to reflect. We’ve been back for two weeks after the tour with Heck – we went to Ukraine, Czech Republic, Holland… all over the world this summer. We’ve done Download… the list has been ridiculous.”


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