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The Best New Metal Album Releases This Week

Nightwish's live DVD, Megosh's debut album and Vanik's self-titled offering are the best new metal album releases you should be picking up later this week

Nightwish - Vehicle Of Spirit

"Over the last two decades, Nightwish have transformed from amateurs tossing around unformed ideas on low-key debut Angels Fall First to a cinematic power metal phenomenon with world-beating ambitions. The frontrunners in metal’s most lavish genre, they brought last year’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful to its apex with an epic, 24-minute paean to evolutionary biology, narrated by controversial scientist Richard Dawkins.

Restraint isn’t really a term in their vernacular. So with that in mind, what could the Finns have up their wizard’s sleeves for this three-disc DVD box set to celebrate their 20-year anniversary?" Read the full review here.

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Megosh - Apostasy

"This debut full-length from Baltimore alt prog-rockers Megosh is, by the band’s own admission, “a total desertion” from 2014’s much-hyped Body Works EP. Lead single I Stole From The Dead flirts with analogue synths amidst an undercurrent of ambient melodies and their signature three-part harmonies, but it’s actually wildly catchy, riff- driven opener Checkerboards & Cigarettes that packs the greater aural punch." Read the full review here.

Vanik - Vanik

"Conjuring scenes of 80s LA hardcore, skating empty swimming pools and late-night horror film sessions, Vanik is a powerful focused, high-energy debut from a band that only formed in January. Born from numerous demos and laid down in just one weekend, it contains an urgency and aggression whilst keeping things fun and uncomplicated." Read the full review here.

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