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Fight the system: How Lzzy Hale is empowering metal's next generation

Lzzy Hale doesn’t just front one of the biggest rock’n’roll success stories of recent times – she’s giving a voice to a new generation of metal fans

"I had this intangible feeling. It made my heart happy. It wasn’t even necessarily the lyrics; there was just something about the guy, the way he carried himself and sounded. It just broke me out of normalcy. It’s a form of empowerment. Metal enables you to go to a concert and let yourself go, and headbang to your favourite lyrics. And that’s empowerment – when you feel like you can do anything.”

Lzzy Hale is fondly remembering the first time she heard heavy music, dancing around to her dad’s record collection as a child, pretending to be Ronnie James Dio. Today, she’s one of traditional metal’s most enthusiastic ambassadors, and a unique force in our scene; despite drawing from the sounds of the 80s for her band and enthusing about Dio, Priest and Sabbath at any opportunity, Lzzy herself is a thoroughly modern rock star, and a strong voice on and off the stage. Whether she’s screaming about sex or airing her progressive views on her blog, she’s not afraid to put herself out there, and as a result has attracted an audience that ranges from seven to 70. “It’s become a merchandise problem!” she jokes.

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