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Why David Lee Roth and Steve Vai were the greatest partnership of the 80s

Often dismissed as a disappointing follow-up to its predecessor, David Lee Roth’s Skyscraper is a scorching album from one of rock’s greatest, albeit short-lived, partnerships

David Lee Roth's Skyscraper has been voted number 20 in our countdown of the 100 Greatest Albums Of The 1980s. Read the full article here.

The worst thing that happened to Skyscraper, David Lee Roth’s second solo record, was that it followed 1986’s Eat ’Em & Smile, his first post-Van Halen album. Spontaneous, raw and a bloody good laugh into the bargain, Eat ’Em & Smile was a massive ‘fuck you’ to those who viewed Diamond Dave’s exit from Van Halen as a rock’n’roll suicide by any other name. The album teamed the Sunset Strip’s biggest ego with the best rock musicians on the planet: guitarist Steve Vai, bassist Billy Sheehan, drummer Gregg Bissonette.

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