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Done With Mirrors: The album that took Aerosmith back to the big time

When Aerosmith split acrimoniously in 1979, 1985 comeback Done With Mirrors served as a crucial bridge between the wild 70s Aerosmith and the smooth-rock behemoth of the 80s and 90s

Aerosmith's Done With Mirrors has been voted in at number five in our countdown of the 100 Greatest Albums Of The 1980s. See the full list here.

Upon hearing that Done With Mirrors is being reclaimed as one of the great lost albums of the 1980s, Joe Perry’s reaction is one of surprise. Or perhaps outright disbelief would be a more accurate description. From when he first begins speaking today at his home in Florida, the now 66-year-old guitarist can barely form a coherent sentence to encapsulate his thoughts on Aerosmith’s eighth studio album. At the time it was also a contender for their least well-regarded, an ignominy it then shared with its immediate predecessor, Rock In A Hard Place, made without Perry and when the great Boston band were at their lowest ebb. After wandering up several grammatical blind alleys, with much huffing, puffing and sighing, Perry eventually settles upon a question: “Um, whatever possessed you guys to pick that one?”

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