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Heroes of 2017: The metal bands promising to make this year matter

From the scene's big guns to newbies making their debuts, these are the bands promising to make 2017 a special year for metal

Legends Arise!

The scene’s true flagbearers ain’t done yet...

Iron Maiden

The Book Of Souls is finally being taken on the road across the UK!

How will you be preparing for your European tour?

Steve Harris: “As this is a continuation of The Book Of Souls tour, we won’t need as much rehearsal time as we did when we were preparing to play these songs live for the very first time. However, we’ll still want a few weeks’ practise beforehand, just to make sure everything is exactly as we want it to be, to give the best show for our fans. I’ve recently finished touring Europe with British Lion, which was pretty demanding physically, but it’s kept me in shape, or match-fit as I call it!”

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