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Is 2017 the year Sabaton finally make it big?

Sabaton have bulldozed their way into metal’s upper echelons – and 2017 could be theirs for the taking. If you don’t like it, blame Dee Snider…

Somewhere in the middle of Sweden, back in 1984…

Standing in the kitchen, a young mother prepares dinner for her husband and two small children, when a boy’s sharp howl tears through the tranquillity like a rusted machete. Her mind racing to the worst possible case, she darts into the living room to find her four-year-old son standing in front of the television, whirling and shrieking with delight at the sneering, painted visage of Dee Snider. So begins the origin story of one of metal’s favourite frontmen – Sabaton’s sunglasses-shrouded badass, Joakim Brodén.

“She heard me scream and started freaking out, thinking, ‘Oh my god! My baby’s dying!’” The singer roars with laughter as he recalls the scene. “She ran into the living room and there I was in front of the television, not hurt at all. I was just freaking out to the video for I Wanna Rock or We’re Not Gonna Take It. We’re not sure which one, but she went out and bought me the album. Now that’s a cool mum!”

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