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Fresh Meat: The three best new bands from metal's undergound

Draugsól, Terra and Wędrujący Wiatr: introducing your new favourite bands


Adventures into Iceland’s ravaged psyche

As with all Icelandic musical exports, there is a quintessence about Reykjavík residents Draugsól – an infusion of that dramatic landscape of fire and ice, a desolate, profound beauty that has an indelible impact upon the artistic endeavours of those who live amongst its dramatic thrall.

“It’s the endless winter nights when you long for daylight, the never-ending day when you‘re exhausted and want to sleep,” romanticises vocalist Axel. “It’s the air, the wind, the sea, the mountains, the drugs. It’s downtown Reykjavík after midnight on a Friday: mass depression, mass medication – the mental implosion of a whole nation.”

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