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Harakiri For The Sky: “We all end up dead, so why not deal with it?"

Harakiri For The Sky have channelled their darkness into a post-metal symphony of despair. It will haunt your soul...

Suicide occupies a large place in my mind and heart. It happened in my family, it happened in my circle of friends, and it accompanies me every day. I often feel... that way...”

Music remains one of our most powerful tools for dealing with dark and depressive thoughts. In the case of two-man Austrian black metal project Harakiri For The Sky, it has resulted in a triumvirate of soul-stirring, ambient metal records that culminated in last year’s stunning III: Trauma – an album steeped in melancholic reflection, shimmering post-metal soundscapes and occasional bursts of blistering noise. While the post-black metal genre is in rude health right now, Harakiri mainman M.S., who handles all instrumentation, while vocalist J.J. tackles growling duties, is keen to distance himself from any potential ‘cool points’ that the tag might currently attract.


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