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Composer Fabio Frizzi talks art, Genesis and being scared of King Crimson

As composer Fabio Frizzi plans a new studio album and live movie soundtrack shows, he tells us about his lifelong love of prog and the art of bringing out “the suffering, the love, the hate"

From Zombie Flesh Eaters to City Of The Living Dead, Fabio Frizzi’s music has played a crucial role in bringing to life some of the most acclaimed horror movies of the past four decades. His multiple collaborations with director Lucio Fulci, which started in 1975 with Dracula In The Provinces, created a series of films where Frizzi’s soundtracks were in harmony with the gruesome scenes and evocative action on screen.

Like Goblin, who also made their name in the Italian horror genre, Frizzi has built a firm reputation as a unique composer. His recent live shows, though, have begun with In The Court Of The Crimson King, showing his clear prog roots. But where did his love for this music begin, and where will it take him next?


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