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Little Britain actor Paul Putner lets us leaf through his record collection

Unsettling soundtracks from the past and I Monster mash-ups from the future: the Little Britain/Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle comic actor takes his prog-with-a-knowing-wink very seriously

Weird music starts with TV and film for me. When I was a kid there was an ITV show called Picture Box and I was fascinated by the eerie theme tune, but couldn’t find out who it was. I then read a Broadcast album review mentioning this as an influence. My girlfriend took two years to track the record down: it’s Manège by two brothers, Lasry-Baschet, from Structures Sonores where they play musique concrète on bizarre, homemade folk art instruments. They were going to do the original Doctor Who theme but they were too expensive – they did some music for the early episodes, though. That style has filtered through to hauntology, and labels that I like such as Ghost Box and Clay Pipe Music.


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