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Paul Hardcastle discusses his prog heroes Hawkwind

Paul Hardcastle: A boy racer goes in search of space, finds Hawkwind and becomes the synth-pop king of the 80s…

“In about 1972/’73 I used to go to Macari’s in Charing Cross Road every Saturday and muck about on the Korg 700S. I’d drive the guy in the shop mad, he’d kick me out after half an hour, but I did find that if I held this one key down I could make the sound at the start of Silver Machine. I thought I was great, so I took my mate in there one day saying, ‘Look, I can do Silver Machine’ then I couldn’t get the sounds. But I found a wind noise, so told him quite confidently, ‘This is the start of One Of These Days by Pink Floyd!’

From the archive

From the archive

From the archive


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