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Steve Davis rounds up the top 10 records of 2016

Steve Davis' Interesting Alternative: Forget Trump, and try to think about the proggy positives...

The times, they are a-changin’. Nobel Prize winner Robert Zimmerman first spotted the phenomenon back in 1964 and now it’s happening all over again! Europe is on the brink of something really somethingy and the USA is holding its breath, wondering when, where and how the Tangoed chosen one will stick his foot in it. The Wire can’t breathe for the limitations on European musicians’ creativity and Jon Bon Jovi has totally fucked up his chances of performing at Melania’s White House 50th. Awful! So, do you think I should file my prog, electronica and RIO vinyl alphabetically, by genre or maybe even country? Currently, I’ve got the lot alphabetical, but 52 percent of me thinks at the very least I should separate them into genres.

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From the archive

From the archive


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