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Greg Lake: From the beginning to the end

Following his untimely death, Prog looks back on Greg Lake’s life and career, mourning the passing of the man and celebrating the music he left behind

March 24, 2016: Greg Lake is on the phone talking to me about the death of Keith Emerson, who took his own life just 13 days earlier.

“One of the things I think Keith got to resent about me was that I would tell him if I thought something he’d written wasn’t very good… it’s not an easy thing to tell someone that. If we argued about music it’s because we were both passionate. That’s when people clash, but that’s where you’ll find great music.”

It’s said that how you hold yourself in the face of a challenge or overwhelming adversity is when you find out who you truly are as a person. Although Greg Lake had been diagnosed with cancer for some time, there had never been any announcement about him having the illness. So when the news of his death from the disease was made by his long-term friend and manager, Stewart Young, via Lake’s website on December 8, 2016, it came as a bolt of the blue to his fans.

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