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How Pain Of Salvation turned their terrifying struggle into a new album

After contracting a rare flesh-eating virus, Pain Of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw thought his life was over, never mind his career. But he fought through it and now the band are back

It’s hard to believe that only two years ago, Pain Of Salvation frontman Daniel Gildenlöw was struck by a near-fatal ordeal that left him hospitalised for six months. The promo shots for the band’s new album In the Passing Light Of Day show a man in top physical form. But at the start of 2014, Gildenlöw suffered the most excruciating of illnesses when his body was attacked by flesh eating bacteria otherwise known as Necrotising Fasciitis. What started as an annoying and painful sensation became a debilitating disorder within a matter of hours, that sent him spiralling into a physical and mental nightmare which consisted of multiple operations under general anaesthetic. But those familiar with the prog singer from Sweden might know that Gildenlöw is a character, a strong-willed and perennially honest and open spokesperson who approaches life with a glass-half-full mentality and doesn’t shy away from talking about his experiences.

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