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Ray Wilson: "My goal was always to control my own destiny – and now I do"

His new studio album may be called Makes Me Think Of Home, but Ray Wilson isn’t looking backwards – even when his CV includes a No.1 smash hit and the job of Genesis frontman...

They say there’s no place like home, but Ray Wilson isn’t so sure. He’s moved on. Having now lived in Poland for the best part of a decade, and recalibrated a career that’s redefined the cliché ‘roller coaster’, he isn’t one for pining for his Scottish roots. Partly because he’s very happy in Poznan, and partly because after his stints with Stiltskin and Genesis, his life became “pretty grey, to be honest”. He realised that the way forward for him was to reboot, both creatively and geographically. It was, he recalls, “as if someone had turned a light on”.

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