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Worriedaboutsatan: From blank tapes to Vincent Cavanagh

Anathema-approved, electronic post-rockers finally find their feet

Worriedaboutsatan are a band with humble beginnings. “It was never very good, just a cracked copy of Cubase and a few ideas for chord progressions,” says multi-instrumentalist Gavin Miller about his early endeavours. But the experimental outfit now have a body of critically acclaimed work, a freshly minted collaboration with Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema and a soundtrack for cult filmmaker Adam Curtis under their belts.

Their musical journey wasn’t without hurdles. Miller and fellow multi-instrumentalist bandmate Thomas Ragsdale originally started as a heavy post-rock band, before making their brooding, electronic side-project worriedaboutsatan their main creative focus in 2005. But then, in 2009, they made an album that didn’t quite fit, according to their manager…


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