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Introducing blues-rock prodigy Aaron Keylock

Not many 18-year-old bluesy guitar whizz kids play with stars and sleep with snakes

Aaron Keylock is like an experienced 40-something guitarist trapped in a shy 18-year-old’s body. The Johnny Winter-rivalling chops and Cuban heels say one thing; the gentle, sweetly awkward off-stage manner of this young British musician say another. Since signing to the Mascot Label Group he’s become better known as a blues prodigy, but a proper listen to his music reveals a much more colourful, song-focused approach. A mindless 12-bar noodler Keylock is not.

“The world I came from was jamming and the blues, which was more guitar-orientated,” Keylock reasons. “But when it came to recording the album, I looked at a lot of the songs and they didn’t need giant solos.”

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From the archive


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