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The return of Classic Rock: "When you fall in the pit, they pick you back up"

Classic Rock, Prog and Metal Hammer are dead. Long live Classic Rock, Prog and Metal Hammer!

It isn’t often that we run a news story about ourselves, but this issue, of all issues, it only seems right. And this story is really about you and the wider community we’re all a part of and love. If you consume your rock news only by way of this magazine, there’s also a good chance that, other than being a little miffed that your copy of CR went on sale a little late this month and last (sorry!), you’ve been unaware of all the drama – and, more importantly, the innate, old-fashioned goodness of the rock world – that went on behind the scenes at Classic Rock and our sister titles Prog and Metal Hammer in December. This is what happened…

From the archive

From the archive


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