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The second coming: Lift To Experience on their unlikely comeback

After releasing an incredible debut in 2001 – an epic, apocalyptic, double concept album – disillusionment, drugs and death led to Lift To Experience splitting. Now the Texans are back

No one was more taken aback by the euphoric, near-awed reaction to Lift To Experience’s triumphal performance at London’s Royal Festival Hall in June last year than the band themselves. That night their set reached a high-water mark as the three-piece navigated the tumultuous twists and turns of Into The Storm, the mammoth, 28-minute track that closes their solitary album, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads. As they preached hellfire, damnation and possible salvation to a sold-out house of 2,500 acolytes, singer-guitarist Josh T Pearson, bassist Josh ‘The Bear’ Browning and drummer Andy Young might have stopped to pinch themselves, just to make sure the entire evening wasn’t a figment of their imagination.


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