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All Around The World - Jupiter Hollow from Canada

Big on sound, small on personnel, Grant McKenzie is part of the duo creating mystic rhythms in Canada.

At the age of 12, Grant McKenzie watched the film that changed his life. Rock Prophecies follows legendary photographer Robert M Knight (one of the first men to capture Jimi Hendrix on film, and the last to shoot Stevie Ray Vaughan) as he celebrates rock’s great and good, and mentors an unknown musician from Honey Grove, Texas. “I just thought it was amazing that this guy took a small town guitarist and put him in front of the right people,” says McKenzie, “and now he’s doing really well.”

Cut to the next scene: it’s 2016, and that guitarist, Tyler Bryant, is touring Europe with AC/DC. McKenzie, meanwhile, is a young adult in Jupiter Hollow, a two-piece progressive metal act making a big noise in Toronto. And to complete the circle, he’s being mentored by Knight as a member of the Brotherhood Of The Guitar, an organisation set up to promote the world’s best young axemen. “It’s been amazing getting to know Robert, and to do the things I saw in the film, says McKenzie.”


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