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EYE: meet the Mellotron fans from Ohio

Psych prog space rock from Columbus, Ohio – with fully functioning Mellotron.

The icy tone of the Mellotron was one of the most distinctive sounds of progressive rock in the late 60s. It was an essential battle weapon for King Crimson and others until it disappeared against the onset of synthesisers, becoming as extinct as the dodo. It’s spine-chilling and startling to hear its glacial, mechanical drone introducing Book Of The Dead, the opening track on Vision And Ageless Light by Columbus, Ohio space proggers EYE.

The band’s keyboardist and mischief-bent studio scientist Lisa Bella Donna possesses a genuine working Mellotron among the analogue synths she deploys as EYE attempt to tame their self-described “flowing river of sound”. By the time the band have hang-glided through the album’s space rock blowouts, episodic prog and pastoral calm on Dweller Of The Twilight Void and 27 minute As Sure As The Sun, it’s apparent that there’s a unique collective alchemy afoot.


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