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Hero of the day: How Alter Bridge lured Myles Kennedy back to music

Myles Kennedy was ready to give up music. Then Alter Bridge came calling. We find out how a shy man from Boston became a modern-day megastar

There’s an eerie echo to the grey backstage area of London’s O2 Arena. It might be the most prestigious indoor venue in the country, but the only sign that this is a hugely significant evening in the future of rock music is a mechanical ‘thumpthump- thump’ and occasional muffled cheers from behind the walls, as tonight’s opening band, Like A Storm, run through their set.

But suddenly, as we turn yet another corner, the reason 20,000 people have showed up tonight is staring us right in the face: Alter Bridge are here. Bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips seem relaxed, chatting in the corridor. Guitarist Mark Tremonti’s kids have come to join him in London and he’s holed up in his dressing room enjoying some family time while, as we later discover, surrounded by a humongous pile of soft toys. Vocalist Myles Kennedy is less chilled. Rather than happily conversing or hanging out with his loved ones, he is nervously pacing up and down and karate-kicking the air. Brian cocks his head, raises his eyebrow and says to his singer, “Dude, relax. Just try and enjoy it.”

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