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Paperlate: the modern witch goes prog

A Prog writer explores the phenomenon of the progressive modern-day witch.

Black cat clichés and LaVeyan Satanism are out. Lucifer as the bringer of light and knowledge (carefully adapted with contemporary feminism) is in! The modern-day witch listens to Kate Bush MP3s on her studded smartphone, goes to folk art exhibitions and eats at vegan food markets. The misogynistic image of the spinster sorceress, living in the woods, and feeding on men’s weaknesses is irrelevant and incongruous. Today, female-fronted post-rock bands, like Jex Thoth and Darkher, are paving the way for a generation of independent damsels that are trendy, progressive and strong. The misconceptions that occult rock is inherently dark and gloomy are coming to an end. Instead, charismatic singers like Chelsea Wolfe are providing lyrics themed around nature and human emotion written in empowering tones.


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