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When generations collide: Black Sabbath meet Avenged Sevenfold

With Black Sabbath stepping into the void for the very last time, we asked Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows to conduct a special, era-defining interview with the Double O himself

It’s a rare thing to know that you’re bearing witness to history in the making. It’s even more unusual to see it happen on a buttfuck-freezing Tuesday night in Glasgow. And yet here we are, locked away backstage in the labyrinthine Hydro Arena, in a curtained-off dressing room sitting across from two iron-clad icons of our world. In one corner, Ozzy Osbourne: frontman of Black Sabbath, the band that started it all and without whom this very magazine – hell, every single facet of this scene – wouldn’t exist. The single biggest personality heavy metal has ever produced, and a man who has now clocked up almost five decades at the top of our game. In the other corner, M. Shadows: singer of Avenged Sevenfold, the band who have attempted to pick up the baton and take heavy music striding into its next chapter, fighting their way up the ranks over a decade-plus to stand as one of our biggest 21st-century names. When Shadows – a huge Sabbath fanboy himself – agreed to help chair what will serve as Ozzy’s final interview under the Sabbs moniker, we knew we had something very special on our hands. Put plainly: moments like these just don’t tend to come along very fucking often.

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From the archive

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