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Bordeaux's The Great Old Ones talk HP lovecraft and the beauty of horror

Bordeaux’s The Great Old Ones aren’t the first band to be inspired by HP Lovecraft’s vast and terrifying universe, but they’re entering sonic realms beyond the reach of imagination

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown…” – HP Lovecraft

If heavy music has any purpose beyond giving us something to listen to while we drink ourselves to death, it must surely be the confronting of life’s horrors. We dive into the nightmarish clangour of death and black metal because it feels good to confront the dark, to charge headlong towards the unknown. The Great Old Ones understand this underlying heavy metal principle better than most. Over the course of three extraordinary studio albums, the Frenchmen have constructed a sustained and compelling tribute to the literary works and philosophy of that old metal-friendly curmudgeon, HP Lovecraft, deftly encapsulating the enormity of the cosmos and our puny insignificance within it along the way. Lovecraft has long been a natural thematic bedfellow for underground (and not so underground) metal bands, but this band – who are named after the ancient cosmic deities of the author’s imagination – have elected to exist entirely in his universe. “


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