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Nicole Saboune: "I see beauty in darkness – that's what unites me with metal"

Nicole Sabouné’s journey into the most emotionally exhilarating realms of darkwave may have unusual origins, but it’s reaching for the stars

Finishing as a runner-up in the Swedish version of popular TV karaoke contest The Voice in 2012 is not the sort of backstory you’d usually expect of an artist gracing these pages, but then there is little about the work of Nicole Sabouné that is to be expected. Now 23, the singer-songwriter has worked hard to separate herself from such affiliations, undertaking a hard-fought journey of self-discovery in the process. She looks back upon the experience as surreal.

“I don’t have many memories from that time, it went by very fast,” she reflects, speaking with a delicate eloquence that does little to hide occasional flashes of self-consciousness. “I’d just turned 19. It’s a weird thing to be part of. You’re locked in a room with these people, and you don’t think it’s televised until you see yourself on TV, and then it’s like, ‘Was that real?!’”


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