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Nidingr are back with an album that refuses to play to expectations

Nidingr’s roots may reach deep into the black metal scene, but even with a new, Norse-themed album in their arsenal, the band are determined to keep things weird

With past contributions to Gorgoroth, God Seed, 1349 and Orcustus – not to mention current involvement with such vitriolic outfits as Mayhem, NunFuckRitual and Umoral – guitarist Teloch is a man with a considerable CV of extreme and hateful music. Nidingr’s new opus, The High Heat Licks Against Heaven, is a fine example. A cold, bleak and sometimes complex record where melody plays second fiddle to a calculating and rhythmic assault, it thus recalls the industrially coloured Norwegian black metal of early 2000s – Thorns, Dødheimsgard and Satyricon – with an added dose of death metal thrown into the mix.

Paradoxically, the record’s thematic inspirations are actually far less post-modern, drawing upon Norse mythology and the ancient Edda texts – a territory they explored previously on 2010’s Wolf-Father album. Given this conceptual return, one might assume the band to be heavily inspired by such philosophies. In fact, it turns out this is not the case at all…


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