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Suicide Silence: “We were ready to jump off this cliff”

Suicide Silence have produced an album that could destroy everything they’ve worked so hard for. And they couldn’t be more stoked about it

Evolution is one thing. What Suicide Silence are about to drop on their not-insubstantial international fanbase is another thing entirely. Their new album, simply and boldly titled Suicide Silence, is nothing short of a wholesale resetting of the Californian crushers’ vision. It’s heavy and intense, of course, but it also sounds utterly different from everything Suicide Silence have released to date, right down to frontman Eddie Hermida’s sudden conversion to the ways of clean singing.

The initial response to the release of first single Doris was certainly more bad than good, and it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to predict that a lot of people are going to be quite… rude about Suicide Silence when it emerges on February 24. As a result, Hammer’s chat with Eddie could potentially be a bit awkward. Fortunately, he is both fully prepared for the backlash that will surely follow the album’s release and happy to explain where this unexpected and severe change of direction came from.

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