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Mountains Come Out Of The Sky: What lies ahead for Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman?

We hopped over to LA instead to witness the “dream team" that is Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman, and find out what the future has in store for the supergroup

Rectum. The word is written on a piece of paper Trevor Rabin has just plucked from the headstock of his guitar. Every night it’s a different word or phrase. Rabin never knows what it’s going to be, but he knows what his mission is: he has to insert whatever’s written down into the lyric of the song he’s about to sing, without anyone in the audience noticing. It’s the kind of game you play when you’ve been on tour for a while and your keyboard player is the eternally playful Rick Wakeman.

ARW have been on the road for nine weeks, and they’re battered – a virus has carved its way through the band and crew with scant regard for its targets – but clearly Jon Anderson, looking relaxed after a rapturously received show at the regal Orpheum theatre in downtown Los Angeles. “Within two weeks you start to glide, and in the third week you’re implanted, locked in. And from then on it’s a joy.”

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