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The story behind Trivium's Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

Matt Heafy tells us how their landmark moment came about

It was written telepathically

“I remember writing that riff when I was still living at my parents’ house when I was about 17. I was sitting with the guitar on my couch, kind of sitting backwards facing the wall. I started strumming that intro riff, and at band practice the next day I said to Travis [Smith, former Trivium drummer] that I wanted to play him this part. He said, ‘Well, that’s funny. I have this drum part in my head I wanted to show you.’ And so we agreed to play the parts that we had come up with at the same time the night before to each other there and then, he counts in four, and it just fit. That’s how we came up with the beginning of the song.”

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From the archive

From the archive


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